Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st post - Poker, Engineering, Fashion

Hi there,

How ridiculous its becoming to be, as always, to do this first post but lets go :). 
I decided to do it in english because.. I'm quite more confortable in English to talk about things than in Portuguese even though i may do some posts in Portuguese as well. Whatever, come on.. it's my blog, right?! :)

First of all, introductions: im Andre Chee, I'm Portuguese, I'm finishing a Master's Degree in Instituto Superior Técnico, as an Electrical and Computer Engineer specialized in Telecommunications, and I'm also a Poker player and a Model.

I created this blog to share mostly my adventures in Modelling world and my runs in the Poker World. I started out poker when I saw my good friend and colleague of college Ivanildo winning 11.000 USD on a tournment in Easter exactly 2 years ago and I said to myself that I could also do it! How hard could that be? luck, some instints, voodoo crappy humga bumga, and voilá! that's all! today I laugh really hard at that thinking, its not that its hard due to the field of players in a Tournment but u got to have some good skills.

I started out playing 1.. 2 dlrs.. with the 10 dlrs that PokerStars gave me for free. Of course I lost everything... so, i said to myself.. "ok, im not going to put any money in this shit and I'll earn what I can from this fishes online and I'll learn how to play it properly" and Ivanildo transfered me $20 and I started with a negative balance on sharkscope -123USD and "oh well.. lets start with 25 cents, 45 man, non turbo games, enough of losing money".
I read some articles and Ivanildo (which was PlatinumStar that time and now is a Supernova Elite - Pokerstars) and after 1000 games:

My last 20 games of 25 cents presented a ROI over 100% ahahah, my thinking was right and got over 100USD by playing microstakes nd that was my bankroll boost. My routine during those games was more or less.. playing 4 games at the same time, one of them I had to get 5th place to cover the expense and the rest would be profit. Almost always I got that 5th place and if i ended up the day with 25 cents more, i WOULD BE happy! its not much but, after all, its better than losing! My goal was to make $1 a day, and in the end of the year i would have $365 and i would cash out and go travel a weekend with my girlfriend somewhere.

Well, after my bankroll was already above $100 i started playing Turbo games, which was kinda of a disaster but now, 1 year after that time, and several cash outs due to my College Needs (unfortunately), my graph is this:

Being in the top 20 is kinda like.. what i was hopping during this year and a half that passed learning poker and watching great players online that were a reference to me like Ivanildo, Acoimbra Azntracker, etc.. mostly Sit-nd-Go's Grinders, even though Ivanildo is a very complete player. Now he plays Cash Games, but he used to play SnG, $60 with the big boys back then.. and he gets lots of ITM (in the money) in Tournments.

Basically, now I'm playing  $1,75 - 18 man - Turbo, 12-16 tables, I used to have bankroll to play $6.50 and I can say that I did pretty good on those but, with those cashouts, I just dont feel confortable playing with 50buy ins maybe because I started out with . My minimum is 100 buy ins, because Ivanildo said so and he being my teacher/coach/best friend/shark i even dont question this, but when i had this big downswing, i did realize why to take care of bankroll! Actually for me, the biggest secret of poker is how well u do manage your bankroll. U can catch me in Pokerstars but I dont really have the time to grind like before (6hours a day or so..), I just grind for 2 hours/maximum a day.

About Fashion, I'm with L'Agence, the biggest agency of modelling in Portugal. I'm also in this business for 2 years, more or less, and I've done the last two Fashion Weeks both in Lisboa (Moda Lisboa) and Porto (Portugal Fashion) and I can put some pictures about that..

for Alexandra Moura - Moda Lisboa

for Dielmar - Portugal Fashion

for Fly London - Portugal Fashion

For Alexandra Moura - Moda Lisboa
for Miguel Vieira - Portugal Fashion
and that's just a bit of the pics.. I can put gradually more pics but if u find me on Facebook u can see it.

I'm also an avid "self-researcher-enthusiastic" about nutrition, gym, sports, and I do have a special routine about that.. maybe because Modelling requires it or maybe because I'm just chinese and its really hard to work out the body i want! damn genetics! but I can say that i'm avoiding dairy products (milk, yogurts, butter, everything that comes from milk) and cereals. I'm kinda trying a Paleo Diet due to one friend suggestion but I'll talk about that later.

Well, that's about it for the 1st post which is already big.

See you on the tables or passerelles. Good Luck